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The history of the formation has undergone a huge change with the advent of the Internet and the arise of e-Learning. With the entry into the market of distance education, the future of training would be more individual and fight the barriers of distance and time began to envision, but industry did not prosper as much as expected, because the results obtained by distance learning were not sufficiently satisfactory.

Web 2.0 allows to e-learning obtain satisfactory results without the barriers of time and place, and achieving a reduction in costs arising from the traditional training.

 Traditional training method is being replaced by the e-Learning

In Fliskatu Coop. Group we offer training solutions for companies that have their centers around the world and need to share knowledge with each other. To this end, we take as the basis e-Learning platforms of free software with open source as Moodle, and ATutor Claroline, that have proven to be as competitive or more than exclusive platforms and we integrate in them Web 2.0 tools such as videos (YouTube), presentations (SlideShare), forums, etc.

Our philosophy is to create experts in each topic and tool, and use the most appropriate for each customer, achieving a fully customized training environment.




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