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IP switchbox

Every company with a significant number of employees needs a switchbox, but, does it deserve to pay so much for this service? No.

FliskPBX, ip switchbox

What you need for your company is a modern, cheap, easy-to-use and customized switchbox. And we have what you are looking for: Flisk PBX.

With our IP PBX solution controlled by software, you will manage your company in a competent way.
Eleanitza - Multilingüe - Multilingual

A multilanguage solution

In the world multitude of cultures coexist, each with its own language, so nowadays it is essential to offer services in different languages so that everyone receives the message.

Although most people understand English, everyone will feel more comfortable speaking in their own language.

In an IP PBX that is fundamental. And our FliskPBX solution offers a very wide level of customization in which it is included the ability to add any language you want.


An easy to use interface

FliskPBX offers a web application to control and manage your switchboard. An application with an user-friendly and easy to use interface. The use of intuitive interfaces improves the performance of users. That is why we try to continually improve our software to facilitate their use.

Free Open Source Software

Based on free software

Our IP PBX solution is based on a Linux distribution called TrixBox. This distribution contains open source software such as Asterisk or FreePBX, that have a large community of users and developers behind supporting and improving applications in security, usability and efficiency.


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